I’ve also added my Banjo-Kazooie / Angry Birds T-shirt design to my Teepublic store so for a limited time you can purchase it for only $14!

Head over to www.teepublic.com/user/Byway to take a look and see all of my designs available :D

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The latest T-shirt added to my Teepublic store is ‘Red Mushroom Energy' and for a limited time you can buy it for only £8.50 / $14!


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I’ve got another T-shirt design up for scoring as part of the Threadless.com Parody Design Challenge :D

If you’d like to help ‘Supernatural Bros.' get printed all you have to do is click here and score it a 5!

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For today only over at Society6 you can get $6 off all mugs!

If you want to take a look at all of the designs available at my store head over to www.society6.com/byway/mugs

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My Dr. Mario / Dr Pepper design is now available to buy as T-shirts and hooded tops from my Redbubble store!


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My new ‘Just What The Dr Ordered' T-shirt design is now up for voting at Qwertee.com, so if you want to see it printed head over to www.qwertee.com/product/just-what-the-dr-ordered and click vote!

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This amazing piece of Hot Fuzz artwork was created by artist Aled Lewis for the Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988 in LA next week and if you want to see more of his work you can find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AledsPage and online at aledknowsbest.com!

This great looking T-shirt design by mandingo is available to buy now at TheYetee.com, but only for another 8 hours so buy one before it’s gone!

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Here’s a new design I finished recently: Red Mushroom Energy Boost

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qwertee console wars
This great ‘Console Wars’ T-shirt design by Nathan Davis is available to buy now at www.qwertee.com!

For a limited time only Shirtoid and Redbubble are offering 10% off all T-shirts purchased from Redbubble.com, so head over to my store, redbubble.com/people/byway, and use the code ‘shirtoid13’ to save money!

These brilliant 80’s and 90’s Video Game Prints were created by Andrew Heath and you can find more of his work over at his Dribbble page!

I’ve heard of Dribbble before but I haven’t signed up yet, maybe I should give it a go…

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This great Sonic 1 poster created by artist orioto is available to buy as a 119cm poster over at RedBubble but if you want one make sure you get it soon, the print is only on sale until June 4th!

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qwertee greetings from raccoon city
There have been a few ‘Greetings From…’ T-shirt designs printed recently but this is my favourite, 'Greetings From Raccoon City' by Brandon Wilhelm, and it’s on sale now at Qwertee.com!

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Thank you very much to anybody that bought a copy of my ‘Supernatural Kart' T-shirt design from Limiteed.com yesterday, but don’t worry if you missed the sale, I’ve now added the design to my Redbubble store and you can purchase it at www.redbubble.com/people/byway/works/10325686-supernatural-kart!