This is a great piece of Alex Kidd in Miracle World (also Sega Master System) inspired art and it was created by W-Orks who has more work available to see at!

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I used to love this game on the Sega Master System. I need to actually play on mine again soon instead of just having it sat under my TV not doing anything…

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Ian Wilding's 'Chaos Emerald' T-shirt (and Tank Top) design is only available for a few more hours over at so make sure you get one before it’s gone! I just bought mine :P 

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iwilding's brilliant Sonic the Hedgehog 'Chaos Emerald' design is going to be on sale at tomorrow, Thursday 10th July!

Don’t worry if you miss the sale though or don’t want to own it on a T-shirt, you can always buy the design as an art print from!

Here’s another brilliant design from Ian Wilding a.k.a iwilding who has more work online at, and!

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If you like these Retro Gaming Console designs as much as I do you can buy them all on T-shirts from the artist MeleeNinja's Redbubble store!

…If a Sega Master System version ever gets made then I’m definitely buying it :P

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I love this brilliant ‘Controllers’ poster series created by Javier Laspiur and you can see more of his work at and!

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Sonic Converse' T-shirts are now available to buy from my Teepublic store for just $14! After 72 hours the price goes up so get your tee now at

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These cute Sonic, Tails and Knuckles illustrations were created by artist Beyx and you can see more of her work and follow her at!

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Here are some more great artworks created by Guillaume Morellec for the ‘Miscellaneous Mayham' art show at the Bottleneck Gallery in New York!

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Here are some more brilliant icons created by Ryan Beck and you can follow his work over at!

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Both of these great designs by Chad Woodward are available to buy as T-shirts for today only over at!

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This great ‘Genesis’ T-shirt design by adamworks is available to buy for today only over at!

You can also purchase it as poster prints, laptop sleeves and stone coasters if you like the artwork but don’t fancy wearing it

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This amazing Sonic the Hedgehog art was created by Mikaël Aguirre and you can see even more of his work at and!

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I really like this Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Emerald Hill Track and Field' logo design created by Jammy Munkey and you can buy the Varsity Jacket at!

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