This amazing Sonic the Hedgehog art was created by Mikaël Aguirre and you can see even more of his work at and!

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I really like this Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Emerald Hill Track and Field' logo design created by Jammy Munkey and you can buy the Varsity Jacket at!

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I love this Dr Robotnik poster (I refuse to call him Eggman) created by Chad Woodward for the 16Bit Brawl art exhibition and you can buy screen prints now at!

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I really like this great image created by created by Terra Pixela, especially the tiny Sega Master System and the Sonic inspired floor blocks

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Even though Christmas is only 10 days away I’m still trying to come up with Christmas card designs, but this is one I’ve just finished. I’m not sure my family will appreciate it though as they don’t really play computer games…

I just found this great ‘Chaos Emerald' energy drink project created by designers Julie Aniela and Jak Hornblow back in 2011 and you can see more photos and read more about it over at!

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I love these brilliant designs by artist Game Paused and they’re both on sale now as T-shirts at, but only for 48 hours so get them while you can!

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I love this amazing ‘Dr Robotnik & Sonic’ art created by iwilding! I hope it’s made available as a print at some point

It’s Sunday afternoon and time for a cup of tea and some 10 day old slightly melted home-made Sonic the Hedgehog birthday cake :P

Just before the Not Safe For Threadless design challenge closed last night at I quickly submitted a few of my designs and now they’re up for scoring, so any 4s and 5s would be greatly appreciated!

You can score ‘The Legend of Pizza' here,
you can score ‘One, Two, Three, Four' here,
you can score ‘Speedy Converse' (a.k.a Sonic Converse) here,
and you can score ‘Tetrominos Pizza' here

qwertee console wars
This great ‘Console Wars’ T-shirt design by Nathan Davis is available to buy now at!

Well that’s good timing, ‘Minimal Tails' is available to buy at my Redbubble store as a T-shirt and I just found an email telling me that you can get 10% off of all T-shirts at Redbubble by using the coupon code “BUBBLE10”!

(offer expires 11:59 PM PDT, Tuesday 16th July, which is 7:59 AM GMT on Wednesday 17th July I think)

After starting it over a year ago I’ve finally finished my ‘Minimal Tails' design and it's available to purchase as a T-shirt at and as a print at!

You can also purchase the ‘Minimal Sonic & Tails' design as a framed print, an unframed print or a canvas print at my society6 store.

UPDATE: Until 11:59 PM PDT, Tuesday 16th July (which is 7:59 AM GMT on Wednesday 17th July I think) you can get 10% off all T-shirts at Redbubble, including Minimal Tails’, by using the coupon code “BUBBLE10”!

These brilliant 80’s and 90’s Video Game Prints were created by Andrew Heath and you can find more of his work over at his Dribbble page!

I’ve heard of Dribbble before but I haven’t signed up yet, maybe I should give it a go…

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This great Sonic 1 poster created by artist orioto is available to buy as a 119cm poster over at RedBubble but if you want one make sure you get it soon, the print is only on sale until June 4th!

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