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This brilliant IT Crowd T-shirt design by Tom Trager is on sale now over at Qwertee.com and you can see more of Tom’s work at his website tomtrager.tumblr.com!

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I didn’t get a chance to reblog this brilliant IT Crowd T-shirt design created by powerpig a.k.a Chris McVeigh which was on sale at Teefury.com yesterday but don’t worry if you missed it, you can just about still buy it, just head over to the Teefury Afterhours page, www.teefury.com/afterhours!

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This brilliant T-shirt design, ‘The IT Crest' by Tom Trager, is available to purchase now and for the next 48 hours over at OtherTees.com!

Here’s a great IT Crowd NES cartridge from 72pins that was unfortunately never made publicly available to buy, but you can be in with a chance of winning it if you reblog this post between now and July 13th!

72pins will be selecting a winner on July 13th but until then you can see some of the other NES cartridges they have on sale by visiting www.72pins.com

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Here’s another great design from Nik Holmes and you can buy it now from his RedBubble store! You can also see more of Nik’s work at www.zombiedollars.com, www.facebook.com/zombiedollarcreative, ape74.deviantart.com and nikholmes.tumblr.com

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This brilliant IT Crowd T-shirt design by Tom Trager is only on sale at RIPTApparel.com for another 5 hours so make sure you buy a copy before it’s gone!

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Tom Trager has another great IT Crowd Quotes T-shirt on sale at his RedBubble store! and don’t forget that you can also follow him and see more of his work at tomtrager.tumblr.com!

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Tom Trager’s IT Crowd Quotes T-shirt design is on sale now at Qwertee.com and I’ve already bought my copy so don’t forget to get yours before it’s gone!

You can find more of Tom’s work over at his Tumblr page and you can buy some of his other designs over at his Redbubble store

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Tom Trager’s brilliant ‘IT Crowd Quotes' T-shirt design is up for voting at Qwertee, so I urge people to go and vote for it so that it can get printed and I can buy one!

This great IT Crowd Quotes T-shirt design by Tom Trager is available to buy over at his RedBubble page!

It can also be bought in other colours but I think the green looks best because it goes with the show intro

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I don’t know how popular the British sitcom The IT Crowd is anywhere else in the world but I love it so I thought I’d try to create some thing minimal that other fans might recognise

Becoming Human
Any fans of Being Human out there should go and watch the spin off series Becoming Human!

…and when I say series I mean a 1 hour long episode split into 8 parts, but it’s brilliant and it stars Craig Roberts who also starred in Richard Ayoade’s latest film Submarine, and he was amazing in that as well


If anyone is thinking of going to the cinema this week and doesn’t know what to watch, I highly recommend Submarine