Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel free to share this design with anyone you forgot to buy a card for :P

I haven’t posted any new design work in a long time so here’s something silly I’ve just finished. Pacman + Pikmin = Pacmin :)

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This is a great T-shirt design, ‘Ghost Story' by Spiritgreen, and it’s available to buy now at Shirt.Woot.com!

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For a limited time only you can get FREE worldwide shipping and $5 OFF items purchased from my Society6 store when you use the promo link http://society6.com/byway?promo=e86b3a!

The offer expires at midnight pacific time on December 8th so use it while you can and share the link around!

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I love these ‘8-bit Teatime’ images created by Dina Belenko, who you can find online at DeviantArt and Flickr!

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Have you voted for my Hot Fuzz T-shirt design to be printed at Limiteed.com yet? If you haven’t why not head over there now to vote for ‘Here Come The Fuzz' and some of my other new submissions!

BeastPop's (a.k.a BeastWreck's) brilliant Pakku-Man T-shirt design is on sale for today only at theyetee.com! Don’t worry if you’re reading this after the sale has ended though, you can find more of BeastPop's design on sale at beastwreck.bigcartel.com!

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hungry and lost
Throw Pillows of my ‘Hungry & lost' design, along with a couple of others, are now available to purchase from my Society6 store, society6.com/byway!

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the gamer inside me
Here is today’s great T-shirt design that’s on sale at Qwertee.com, ‘The Gamer Inside of Me' by Wirdou! You can also see some of Wirdou's other designs at www.facebook.com/Wirdou and wirdou.com

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This is a great looking watch by RJ-Romaine Jerome, but as there are only going to be 80 made it has a slightly ridiculous price of $17,900, which I can’t really afford right now so unfortunately I won’t be getting one

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If I had the money I’d definitely get some of these 8-bit designer blinds for my windows! …I think the yellow Pac-Man on the black blind is my favourite, and you can buy them online at www.directblinds.co.uk

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I haven’t been able to post much on Tumblr lately because I’ve been so busy but I’m sure I’ll manage to make up for that tonight, and in the meantime here’s a brilliant design by Stephanie Sohn called ‘Searching For His Pac: Plight of a Lone, 8-Bit Ghost’

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nature of the game riptapparel
This great T-shirt design, ‘Nature Of The Game' by Beware1984, is available right now over at www.riptapparel.com and it’s only on sale for another 12 hours so if you want one make sure you buy it before it’s gone!

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This is a clever T-shirt design created by Wirdou Designs, and you can find more of Wirdou’s work at wirdou.com, Facebook and deviantART!

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We get to see the inside of Pac Man’s home in this great design, The Pacman Residents by Garrett Graham

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