This is a great new ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone' design created by David Hultin and you can find more of his work at

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The latest T-shirt added to my Teepublic store is ‘Red Mushroom Energy' and for a limited time you can buy it for only £8.50 / $14!

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This great looking ‘Twinrova: Gerudo Apothecary’ T-shirt design by stephen-hogan is available to buy now at!

After you’ve bought the T-shirt make sure you follow the artist at as well!

It’s 9:30am on a Sunday morning and I’m watching a documentary about Lego :P

Here’s a photo of the evolution of the Lego logo, taken when I visited the Lego shop in Copenhagen, Denmark a couple of months ago

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google logo brendan jones
I really like this new Google logo created by Brendan Jones for his Typography III class academic project and you can see more of his work over at!

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My new and improved Dr Mario / Dr Pepper T-shirt design is now available to buy at my Redbubble store,!

Don’t forget that you can also purchase prints, pillows, mugs, tote bags and wall clocks of the design from

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I really like this Arm & Hammer logo parody created by Bruce Yan and I especially like the fact that it’s been created as a 22” x 22” laser-cut, hand painted board!

If you have a spare $650 you can purchase one here, or if like me you don’t have that much money you can follow Bruce at his Tumblr page and see more of his work at his website,

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vector logo pieces
I wish I could make logos like the ones above. I’ve tried but they never look quite as good. You can buy all of the individual vector pieces used to make them though over at

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I love these Austin Eastcider can designs created by Simon Walker a.k.a super_furry who has more great work you can see over at his Flickr page

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I just stumbled upon a website belonging to artist Justin Van Genderen a.k.a 2046design and I love these logos and crests that he’s created for companies, characters and organisations from different areas of pop culture.

You can follow Justin and find larger images of the crests at and you can see more examples of his work at

If you’ve already finished shopping for everyone else’s Christmas presents why not treat yourself to something this Monday 16th December when my ‘Red Mushroom Energy Boost' design will be available as an 11” x 17” art print at for only $6.99, with FREE postage if you live in the USA!

You can also purchase T-shirts of the design from my Redbubble store and prints and mugs from my Society6 store

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Thanks to my full time job I hadn’t designed anything new in months, then today I made this for a bit of fun. Merry almost Christmas!

skate lifeI love the finished version of this URGH Skateboarding logo created by artist Thiago Pacheco, and you can see more of Thiago’s work at his Behance site

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Just in time for Christmas, a few of my Christmas card designs are now available to purchase from my Society6 store!

You can purchase each design in sets of 3, 5 or 10 and each card is blank on the inside and comes with a white envelope

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My ‘Red Mushroom: Energy Boost' T-shirt design has almost reached 200 votes at so if you haven’t already voted but you’d like to see it printed in the near future you can find the design and add your vote at!

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