These great glow in the dark and neon Game Boy Keychains are available in limited quantities from The Daily Robot’s Etsy store so if you want one make sure you get it soon before they’re all gone!

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Lately I’ve been reading rumours about a new AC/DC album and possible tour to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary so I thought I’d add my 40 Year tribute design to Teepublic. For the next 48 hours you can get it for just $14!

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This is a brilliant Mario Kart T-shirt design created by TeeKetch and it’s available to buy for today only over at!

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My Avengers themed ‘Green Day - International Superhits' album art parody is available to buy from my Teepublic store and for 72 hours it will cost just $14!

This is also the first of my
Teepublic tees to be available on more than one T-shirt colour so if you don’t fancy it on white don’t worry, there are 9 other colours to choose from :P

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Here’s another brilliant T-shirt created by Game Paused for, and if you buy one you get a free bonus pin!

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This brilliant ‘Hot Wheels To The Future' design by VictorsBeard is available to buy for today only over at RIPT Apparel!

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yetee reptar
This brilliant ‘Reptzilla' design by RebelArtDesign is on sale for today only over at as T-shirts and Tank Tops so go and get one now!

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For day 2 of Deltorocon artist Chogrin has wood prints of his Guillermo del Toro tribute designs on sale at his online shop!

The designs are printed directly onto birch wood and each print is stamped by branding iron on the back, but there’s only 1 of each available so head over to to get them while you can!

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Chogrin's Guillermo del Toro portrait design is going to be available as a limited edition, four-color 12”x12”, stamped, numbered, and signed screen print at, the fan convention dedicated to film director and writer Guillermo Del Toro!

You can find more information about the convention at and while stocks last you can also purchase prints at

This great piece of work was created by artist Tobias Hall who took inspiration from Nike’s #RiskEverything campaign and you can see more of his art at his website and you can go and follow him right now at!

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These are great pieces of Street Fighter V art and they were created by BossLogic who you can find online at, and!

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Well it’s not the glow in the dark T-shirt I was planning on making this week but I did manage to play around with some glow in the dark sign vinyl and put my Attack the Block inspired ‘Big Alien Gorilla-Wolf Mother' design on a Matt black metal plaque :D

It’s a shame the vinyl looks yellow under normal light but it does turn a great colour in the dark and glows even better than I thought it would. I took both of these photos on my phone camera using the same default settings and I did nothing to make it appear brighter in the dark

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Ian Wilding's 'Chaos Emerald' T-shirt (and Tank Top) design is only available for a few more hours over at so make sure you get one before it’s gone! I just bought mine :P 

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This great ‘Exploded Handheld' Game Boy T-shirt is available to buy now from and it even comes with a free bonus sticker :P

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iwilding's brilliant Sonic the Hedgehog 'Chaos Emerald' design is going to be on sale at tomorrow, Thursday 10th July!

Don’t worry if you miss the sale though or don’t want to own it on a T-shirt, you can always buy the design as an art print from!