The glow in the dark ‘Barrel Chucker' T-shirt I ordered from TeeVillain (created by BeastWreck) arrived today! …which means I now have 3 different versions of the design :P

8-Bit Breakfast' was one of my first ever T-shirt designs and now it's available to purchase from my Teepublic store! It’s only $14 for 72 hours though so get one now before the price rises to $20
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For today only you can get free worldwide shipping on items purchased from, including my newly uploaded Pac-Min art print and mug!

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I really like these retro arcade designs created by Martin Millar and you can purchase them as prints and posters at!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel free to share this design with anyone you forgot to buy a card for :P

I haven’t posted any new design work in a long time so here’s something silly I’ve just finished. Pacman + Pikmin = Pacmin :)

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This is a great T-shirt design, ‘Ghost Story' by Spiritgreen, and it’s available to buy now at!

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This brilliant ‘Barrel Chucker' design created by BeastWreck a.k.a BeastPop is available to buy at as an 11” x 17” art print for today only so get one while you can!

Plus it’s only $6.99 with free delivery if you live in America!

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qwertee console wars
This great ‘Console Wars’ T-shirt design by Nathan Davis is available to buy now at!

Have you voted for my Hot Fuzz T-shirt design to be printed at yet? If you haven’t why not head over there now to vote for ‘Here Come The Fuzz' and some of my other new submissions!

I spent most of yesterday at Weston Super Mare’s Grand Pier with my girlfriend and I took a few photos so head to if you want to take a look, and you’ll find some of my design work and gig photography there as well

BeastPop's (a.k.a BeastWreck's) brilliant Pakku-Man T-shirt design is on sale for today only at! Don’t worry if you’re reading this after the sale has ended though, you can find more of BeastPop's design on sale at!

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These great T-shirts designs, ‘Grid Invader' and 'Feeding The Pixels' by Pauline Acalin, are both on sale at this weekend so if you want one of them make sure you get a tee before they’re gone!

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I love these ‘Video Games in Real Life' images created by Víctor Somoza Benítez and you can see more of them over at the artist’s deviantART page and at their Behance page here and here.

I especially like this Alex Kidd in Miracle World image. I love that game. I might play it tomorrow…
alex kidd in miracle world

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This amazing ‘Street Fighter II Triptych' canvas, created by Maya Pixelskaya, took over 800 hours to create and If you’d like to own it then you’re in luck. It’s currently on sale and if you’re interested in it you can contact Maya directly at!

You can also see more photos of the canvas at and you can follow Maya on Facebook at

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