The glow in the dark ‘Barrel Chucker' T-shirt I ordered from TeeVillain (created by BeastWreck) arrived today! …which means I now have 3 different versions of the design :P

This is a great Firefox logo parody created by Ol’ee Gaphiste and you can follow the artist and find more of their work at!

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This is a great poster created by Tom Ryan and you can purchase it now from his Etsy store!

You can also follow Tom on Tumblr, at Twitter, and on Facebook

You can get free worldwide shipping on items purchased from Society6 all this week! Find my store at

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8-Bit Breakfast' was one of my first ever T-shirt designs and now it's available to purchase from my Teepublic store! It’s only $14 for 72 hours though so get one now before the price rises to $20
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My Papa Smurf / Papa John T-shirt design is only $14 for a little while longer over at so get one now before the price goes up to $20!

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This is Drew Wise's brilliant contribution to the upcoming Hero Complex Gallery Hellboy 20th Anniversary tribute art show!

Find out more about the exhibition at and

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Artist Beastpop a.k.a Beastwreck has this great ‘Mickthulhu Mouse' design on sale at but it’ll be gone in a few hours so get one while you can!

dex teevillain glow in the dark
Olipop's great 'Dex' T-shirt design is on sale for a few more hours over at and it glows in the dark!

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Happy Easter everyone! I don’t have any egg themed designs so instead here is my ‘Papa’s Smurfberries' T-shirt which is now available to buy from my Teepublic store for only $14!

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For today only you can get free worldwide shipping on items purchased from, including my newly uploaded Pac-Min art print and mug!

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Here’s another brilliant film poster created by Daniel Norris, and if you’re a fan of The Raid but haven’t seen The Raid 2 yet you really should!

I’ve just discovered this amazing Terminator poster created by Daniel Norris and it’s available to buy from! Plus for today only you can get free worldwide shipping at society6 :P

Here’s a new album cover parody I created this morning, working title ‘The Galactic Empire Strikes First’ :D

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Here’s my Incredible Hulk parody of the Rancid - Indestructible album artwork!

If you missed my post a few weeks ago I also created an Iron Man version :P

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